Food safety is fundamental to a healthy life and as such its importance cannot be ignored. Agbogbloshie as an informal work environment with no proper sanitation structures is liable to serious contamination. To tackle this a one-day session was held on 8th September, 2019 for the workers and general population. Family planning/other maternal and child care issues were also addressed in a talk. The Ghana Health Services Asiedu Keteke Sub-Metro and Ussher Polyclinic organized this event. The aim of this outreach was to educate the people on how to live well planned healthy lives. Again, by doing this the group targeted reducing the occurrences of cholera, diarrhea and other food related diseases.

The talk on family planning introduced family planning methods and options. The talk also discussed some good maternal practices and some child health issues. Experts from the organizing groups then spoke on safe food preparation methods, ways to prevent contamination, proper utensil management and the best hand washing techniques. Food stuff, including tubers, vegetables and grains, were used for the demonstrations. Ghana health service also again used this platform to introduce more people to the health facility. They also created an awareness for the upcoming Polio NIB and last but not the least, GHS staff did general health consultations. They advised on the best food who specific health conditions.